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Solar Energy Lamp

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Solar Energy Lamp

Solar Energy LampAn outdoor solar energy lamp has at least one lighting unit and a solar energy battery unit electrically connected to the at least one lighting unit. Each lighting unit has a base, at least one light emitting diode (LED) on the base and a transparent cover mounted on the base and partially coated with luminescent material. By using the solar energy battery unit and the LED, the lamp is economical and efficient in use. Moreover, the luminescent material keeps the lamp on lighting after the solar energy battery unit is exhausted.

Solar light takes solar energy as power supply, so it can be charged in daylight and work at night. No exterior power supply is needed. It works safely and efficiently without pollution. A microcomputer is fixed to control the process of charge and turning on/off the lamp. At night, it turns on automatically and turns off at daytime, so that no operator is required. It works steadily and reliably with a long term of use. This product can work reliably and for a long-term use.

Features of Solar Energy Lamp

Solar street lightSolar lighting lamp uses highly efficient mono crystal (multi crystal) silicon solar energy battery for power supply. It uses maintenance free and enclosed storage battery to store electric energy, uses highly efficient LED lamp for lighting and uses advanced charging and discharging and lighting control circuit with reliable performance, high lighting efficiency, great brightness and easy installation. It is not necessary to lay cable or wire and not for AC electric energy and charge. It uses DC power supply with photosensitive control, safe, reliable, energy saving, economical, environmental protection, practical and long life (solar energy panel can use 25 years and storage battery can use 5 years). It is the development orientation for outdoor lighting in the future and a new invention of lighting lamps.

Technical Parameters of Solar Energy Lamp

1.Solar energy panel: Crystal silicon solar energy panel, power: 100- 600W;
2 .Working voltage: 12V-24VDC;
3. Storage battery: Highly reliable and maintenance free lead-acid battery;
4. Light source: high efficient energy LED lamp. Life span 20 years
5. Control system: Solar lighting lamp special micro computer intelligent controller;
6. Working temperature: -30 to 70 degrees;
7. Lighting time: 10 hours a day, lighting 10 days in continuous rainy ( lamp can set up working time according to local sunlight hours).;
8. Lamp height::4m,5m,6m,7m, 8m,9m, 10m ,11m,12m(may be ordered for special requirement)
Note: Style and form may be ordered according to customer requirement.

Advantage and characteristic of Solar Energy Lamp

energy LED lamp1. Energy saving Provide electric energy with solar energy photovoltaic conversion, that would never be exhausted;
2.Environment protection No pollution, no noise, no radiation;
3.Safety No such accident as electric shock or fire at all;
4.Convenience Simple installation, no need to erect wire or excavate ground without consideration of power shut down or power restriction;
5.Long life High technical content of the product, control system and module being of famous world brand, intelligent design, reliable quality;
6.High quality Technical product, green energy, using units attaching importance to technology, enhancing green image and level;
7.Less investment-Investment all at once, same price as AC power (sum of AC power investment from substation, power feeding, control cabinet, cable and engineering), investment all at once with long term usage;
8.Wide application Solar energy comes from nature. It can be used so long there is sunshine, especially suitable for green land sight light equipage, high grade housing and outdoor lighting, tour scenic spot and coast lighting and decoration, industrial development area, factory and enterprise street lamp, outdoor light of colleges.